“As mais avançadas técnicas de imagem para estudos de sistemas biológicos, da molécula ao organismo inteiro.”
“Infraestrutura científica única na América Latina.”
10th International Weber Symposium

De 28 de maio a 2 de junho, acontecerá o simpósio “10th International Weber Symposium on Innovative Fluorescence Methodologies in Biochemistry and Medicine”, sediado no Hotel Atlântico Búzios, em Búzios, no Brasil. O simpósio pretende trazer um panorama das metodologias modernas de fluorescência e suas aplicações nas áreas de ciências biológicas e medicina. Pesquisadores do INBEB participam do comitê organizador e da programação do evento, promovido pelo Laboratório de Fluorescência Dinâmica, da Universidade da Califórnia.

O evento homenageia o pesquisador Gregorio Weber, que deu importantes contribuições para o campo da espectroscopia de fluorescência e química de proteínas. É a primeira vez que o Simpósio acontece no Brasil – edições anteriores aconteceram na Itália e no Havaí.

Saiba mais sobre o evento em: <http://www.lfd.uci.edu/weber/symposium/2017/>.


Confira abaixo a programação do Simpósio:


10th International Weber Symposium on Innovative Fluorescence Methodologies in Biochemistry and Medicine

Data: 28 de maio a 2 de junho de 2017

Local: Hotel Atlântico Búzios, em Búzios – Brasil


Domingo, 28 de maio


15:00 – Registration, poster and exhibit setup.

19:30 – Welcome. Jerson Silva, Andre Gomes, Andréa Cheble de Oliveira, David M Jameson, and Enrico Gratton.

19:45 – Opening lecture. David M Jameson: The seminal contributions of Gregorio Weber to modern fluorescence spectroscopy and to protein chemistry.

20:30 – Cocktail reception at swimming pool sponsored by Globals Software.


Segunda-feira, 29 de maio


07:30 – Breakfast at dining room, followed by posters and exhibits.

Chair: Michelle Digman

09:00 – Lecture 2. Enrico Gratton: Correlation of molecular diffusion in live cells.

09:30 – Lecture 3. Elliot Elson: Measurement of the kinetics of protein synthesis and degradation in non-equilibrium tteady states using "Light Jumps".

10:00 – Lecture 4. Jerson Silva: Prion-like aggregation of proteins in cancer: the "Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde" actions of p53.

10:30 – Break, posters and exhibits.

Chair: Francesco Cardarelli

11:15 – Lecture 5. Debora Foguel: The role of microglia and neutrophils in amyloidosis.

11:45 – Lecture 6. Rachel Cinco-Hedde: Spatial characterization of bioenergetics and metabolism of primordial to preovulatory follicles in whole ex vivo murine ovary.

12:15 – Lecture 7. Manuel Prieto: Advanced homo-FRET: exact analytical solutions for tetramers and their application for retrieving structural information of the KcsA channel.

12:45 – Lunch at dining room.

Chair: David M Jameson

14:00 – Lecture 8. Luis Bagatolli: Dynamical coupling between intracellular water relaxation and oscillating glycolysis in yeast cells.

14:30 – Lecture 9. Andre Gomes: Cell metabolism, membrane organization and virus entry during Arboviruses infections.

15:00 – Lecture 10. Amit Chattopadhyay: Membrane dipole potential: applications in membrane and cell biology.

15:30 – Lecture 11. Chiara Stringari: Multicolor two-photon imaging of endogenous fluorophores in living tissues by wavelength mixing.

16:00 – Break, posters and exhibits.


Terça-feira, 30 de maio


07:30 – Breakfast at dining room, followed by posters and exhibits.

Chair: Luca Lanzanò

09:00 – Lecture 12. Fernando Stefani: Nanometer resolution single molecule localization with minimal photon fluxes.

09:30 – Lecture 13. Francisco Barrantes: Nanoscopy of nicotinic acetylcholine receptors: cholesterol effects on supramolecular topography and dynamics.

10:00 – Lecture 14. Gerd Ulrich Nienhaus: Stimulated emission double depletion (STEDD) for background suppression in nanoscale imaging and fluorescence fluctuation spectroscopy.

10:30 – Break, posters and exhibits.

Chair: Enrico Gratton

11:15 – Lecture 15. Markus Sauer: Super-resolution fluorescence imaging by dSTORM: where next?.

11:45 – Lecture 16. Joachim Mueller: Venturing into the nuclear envelope: lessons learned.

12:15 – Lecture 17. Francesco Cardarelli: Probing the dynamic fingerprint of insulin secretory granules in living cells by spatiotemporal fluctuation spectroscopy.

12:45 – Lunch at dining room.

Chair: Andre Gomes

14:00 – Lecture 18. Gregory Reinhart: Reconciling Weber's protein-ligand ideas with contemporary data using fluorescence phasors.

14:30 – Lecture 19. Leonel Malacrida: Water dipolar relaxation inside nucleus: taking advantage of ACDAN spectroscopic properties and spectral phasors.

15:00 – Lecture 20. Susana Sanchez: Using Laurdan and phasor analysis to follow solubilization of rabbit erythrocytes membranes by myristyl sucrose ester.

15:30 – Lecture 21. Soledad Celej: On the structure and membrane-binding properties of oligomeric species of the amyloidogenic protein α-synuclein.

15:45 – Lecture 22. Sergi Padilla-Parra: Multi-faceted role of dynamin during HIV entry.

16:00 – Selected posters, short presentations (to be selected).

16:15 – Break, posters and exhibits.

Chair: Enrico Gratton

Weber International Thesis Prize Winner

18:00 – Lecture 23. Rupsa Datta: Label-free fluorescence lifetime imaging microscopy (FLIM) to study metabolism and oxidative stress in biological systems.

Thesis Honorable Mention

18:25 – Lecture 24. Zeno Lavagnino: Improving selective plane illumination microscopy towards enhanced spatial resolution and imaging depth performances.

18:50 – Lecture 25. Victoria Neguembor: Investigating the chromatin fiber at the nanoscale level.


Quarta-feira, 31 de maio


07:30 – Breakfast at dining room, followed by posters and exhibits.

Chair: Jerson Silva

09:00 – Lecture 26. Valeria Levi: Mapping the dynamics of transcription factors in living cells and whole organisms.

09:30 – Lecture 27. Xavier Darzacq: Single molecule imaging of morphogen gradients during early fly development.

10:00 – Lecture 28. Diane Lidke: Imaging early events in membrane receptor signaling.

10:30 – Break, posters and exhibits.

Chair: Rajesh Ramachandran

11:15 – Lecture 29. Maria Parajo: Spatiotemporal organization of biological membranes using nanophotonic tools.

11:45 – Lecture 30. Per Niklas Hedde: Selective plane illumination microscopy in the conventional inverted microscope geometry.

12:15 – Lecture 31. Keith Lidke: Single objective light-sheet microscopy for improved whole-cell 3D super-resolution.

12:35 – Lunch at dining room.

Chair: Gregory Reinhart

14:00 – Lecture 32. Marian Waterman: Wnt signaling links to metabolism in cancer and stem cells.

14:30 – Lecture 33. Don Lamb: The fantastic voyage: 3D tracking of mitochondria in zebra fish embryos.

15:00 – Lecture 34. Michelle Digman: Imaging techniques to measure spatio-temporal dynamics and metabolic alterations of p53 upon DNA damage.

15:30 – Lecture 35. Mário Berberan-Santos: Phasors, spectral phasors andcomplementary approaches.

16:00 – Break, posters and exhibits.


Quinta-feira, 1o de junho


07:30 – Breakfast at dining room, followed by posters and exhibits.

Chair: Francisco Barrantes

09:00 – Lecture 36. Rajesh Ramachandran: Cardiolipin-enriched microdomains sequester adaptors MiD49/51 and Mff to cooperatively regulate Drp1-mediated mitochondrial fission.

09:30 – Lecture 37. Ibrahim Cisse: Capturing genome regulation with single molecule resolution in live mammalian cells.

10:00 – Lecture 38. Luca Lanzanò: Phasor analysis of fluorescence dynamics in quantitative nanoscale optical microscopy.

10:30 – Break, posters and exhibits.

Chair: Andréa Cheble de Oliveira

11:00 – Lecture 39. Jose Luiz DeSouza Lopes: Exploiting the thermal stability and organic solvent tolerance of esterases.

11:30 – Lecture 40. Carlos Lenz: Fluorescence correlation spectroscopy in crude oils and Quantum Dots.

Sponsor Talks

12:00 – Lecture 41. Christian Hellriegel (Carl Zeiss Microscopy): Controls and calibrations: details that matter.

12:15 – Lecture 42. Enrico Gratton (Globals Software): Fast spatial-correlation methods for camera based images and fast laser scanning microscopes.

12:35 – Closing remarks and acknowledgments. Jerson Silva and Enrico Gratton.

12:45 – Lunch at dining room.

18:00 – Symposium Banquet.


Sexta-feira, 2 de junho

Free day



Organizing Committee


David M. Jameson

Professor of Cell and Molecular Biology, John A Burns School of Medicine, University of Hawaii at Manoa.

Enrico Gratton

Principal Investigator of the LFD. Professor of Biomedical Engineering, Physics, and College of Medicine, University of California, Irvine.

Jerson L. Silva

Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Andre Gomes

Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Andréa Cheble de Oliveira

Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

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